Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fan Expo Prints: Pencils

Fan Expo:  weekend of August 27th through 29th 2010 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
Come if you can!

I will be sitting with Spent Pencils Studio and have these prints on sale (ink and coloured) as well as commissions to be done.  If anyone has a commission they'd like me to do, (Superheroes, sci-fi characters, horror, whatever) let me know now, and I will have them ready for you at the CON.  Smiley face.

Emma Frost

Poison Ivy

Hawk Girl  (thanks to Marcus To for the pose)

Haw Girl rejects

Life Drawing: Addendum

Marie Louise:  Sustained head Study

Paula: Arm and Torso Studies 5-25mins
Ramone:  Leg Contours/Leg Study
Marie-Louise:  Clothed, unclothed 5 min quick contours
Paula:  Quick Contours 2-5 mins
Irina:  quick contour in ink/gouche
Sustained Rendered/Reductive exercises, 25-50 mins:  Marie Louise, Ramone
Horse Skeleton Rendered Drawings: 10+ hours
Unclothed Sustained Exercises, 20-50 mins:  Roxanne, Irina, Marie-Louise
Clothed/Character Studies, 20-50 mins:  Ramone, Paula, Roxanne, Marie-Louise