Monday, January 24, 2011

Endless Paintings

Hey all,

This was my first group art show in Toronto, back in November, from the By the Pound exhibition.  Also, first time working on wood panel, a series of 3.  Continuing with rebus, these are paintings inspired by The Endless, characters from Neil Gaiman's 'The Sandman'.  Out of the 7, I chose to do the 3 sisters, Delirium, Despair, and Death.


Titled IV, XI, II youngest to oldest.

XI, was heavily inspired by the 15 Portraits of Despair, as well as passages from her appearance in "The Sandman:  Brief Lives".  I wanted to do a stand alone Patrick Nagel-esque Desire, but opted for just a mention of him/her since they are twins and go hand in hand.

IV, Barnabas was supposed to be here.  There are quotes lifted and adapted from Delirium throughout her appearances in The Sandman Series, as well as an excerpt from the play Hamlet; some of Ophelia's ramblings after Polonius is killed and she has gone insane.  I also referenced photographs of inebriated women from Amsterdamn.  To be honest, the only reason I think this one sold, was because of Magikarp. (Thank you Kellie for sending me the photographs.)

 II,  was based on an old photograph of Karmen Kass.  I really want to rework and add to this one (using ASCII to add Scott Blake barcodes).  The ticker contains certain internet slang memes, IM emoticons, and self-deprecating affirmations.  I also used excerpts from Death:  The High Cost of Living, as well snippets from a couple of songs, some of which deal with, in particular, alleged suicide.  

Pages from the sketchbook back in October.

I'll update next week with work from the I Scream Awards.  Thanks for reading.

photos courtesy of Sleeping Giant Gallery.

Monday, January 17, 2011

REAL, Canadian Kid's Magazine: A Library Cat

A Library Cat

Written by Jan Coates 
Illustrated by Khanh Nguyen

Story for Erica from a holiday edition of REAL, Canadian Kid's Magazine.  There's an Oliver Twist feel to this story; finished it over the weekend back in November.  More to come in a few months.  Please check it out or subscribe if you can.  Salutations.

edit:   (Thank you Jan for the shout out.  I am inspired by your work.  Thank you soo much.)