Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Scream Awards: Fashion Illustration

I was asked to do some artwork for an event by Marcus Kan.  This was my first fashion illustration gig.  (Thanks to Mr. Kan and Celeste for all your help with your references; Katie Rodgers, Michael Sanderson).  It was a great night, and people seemed to like what was going on. 
The I Scream Awards were held at 36 Chambers Studios mid December, before Christmas, celebrating the achievements of several talented and enterprising individuals emerging from the Toronto fashion, art, and design scene.

There was a photoshoot shot by Marcus and his team, with the spotlight centered around these local visionaries.  

Marcus later on envisioned a recurrent theme of witches and of the occult, as did I.  Here, I worked off of descriptive annotations for each piece.

 Jonathan Elias  rabid wolf man with cornstalk fetish

Breeyn McCarney  scrying pendent spider girl who likes to power sweep

Mike Lewis  smiley face balloon guy with imaginary Smith & Wesson .357

Hawley Dunbar  masochistic Shakespearean Yorick girl

Richard Fabregui  pink-eye ice cream guy a la Patrick Nagel.

Tristan Julian Ray Banning  autumn man doing a rain dance

Angela Martin  hitchcock raven girl with athame

Marc Daniel Piercey  goblet man with sacrificial dead bunny juice

Did 1 or 2 each day for about a week before the awards night.
Addendum:  Sketchbook rough ups.

Marcus Kan is a local fashion blogger and fashion photographer with a high volume readership and following.  He had a group photography show at Sleeping Giant Gallery some time ago with some really amazing guys and gals.  I, along with several others, have also written for his blog, à la mode (updated continuously, by the hour).

For the past year or so, I've been contributing entries here and there, mostly on the work of people I've met (David Cutler, Meaghan Carter, Ramon Perez, Celeste Ramos, and Megan Leonard), new emerging art, comics, graphic novels, etc.  Check it out!

All photographs courtesy of http://www.fusionofeffects.com/