Saturday, May 1, 2010


Teamed up with 4 classmates to pencil out a story for an anthology collection published by our school.  It is titled, The Dragon King Tournament, written by Ken House.  It revolves around Olive, a pink afro-haired video game character who fights her way through a myriad of opponents and obstacles for a very important reason.  I was assigned part 4 of the story; it is the showdown (in the girl's washroom) between Olive and her evil 'twin' counterpart, Violet, a la evil Ryu/Ken/Sakura from SF or orochi Yashiro/Shermie/Chris from KOF. 

Jedi Fight

Penciled a 2 page action sequence featuring a Jedi warrior fighting 2-3 battle droids.  Missing 2nd page.  Will upload it later.


Penciled an 8 page sample script from The Avengers.  Scene is a showdown between Magneto, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Janet van Dyne and Hank Pym.

Digital Inking/Colouring

Done in Photoshop
Colour options for Head%Girl.

Character Design 3

Individual turn-arounds.  In this Post-Apocalyptic future, my characters are advanced infantry super soldiers, genetically engineered through recombinant DNA technology.  They also all have personal twinned hover drone "action computers".

Head%Girl:   Spliced with avian and feline DNA.  Enhanced protein structure, muscle flexibility.  Optimized for hand-to-hand combat, Jungle Ops, in addition to unconventional biological warfare.  Prone to seizures.

RE:/books:  Spliced with chameleon and elephant genes.  Battle Processor, primed for Desert/Artic Ops.  Genius intellect housed in enlarged external grey matter exo-skeletal arm, for Heuristics.  A bio-synth, his cybernetics run on alcohol and constantly expel excess 'bio-slurry'.  Is a paraplegic.

Bjöfulsins Gründsdottir (Gill-Boy):  Spliced with piranha and ungulate DNA.  Acclimated for Aquatics Ops.  A munitions and explosives specialist; ideal for amphibious sabotage.  Superfluous volume/mass needed for buoyancy control and resilience under extreme external pressures in atmosphere.  Lacks human vocal chords; requires human/electronic communications interface.

Panda Balls Baby Boomer:  Spliced with starfish and bat DNA.  Optimized for black ops reconnaissance, infiltration, and assassination.  Interrogation/coercion specialist.  Cartilaginous fibres instead of endoskeletal bone; does not fracture on the battle field.  Suffers from Werner syndrome, a form of progeria.

Character Design 2

Group Shot of my Post-Apocalyptic characters with an inked panel.  I will re-scan these later.

Character Design

Original designs by Selena Goulding for Post-Apocalyptic characters.  Posted are her designs done in her style, alongside my interpretation of them done in my style.

Inks 2

Inking for Batwoman, Dave Ross and several European artists.

Inks for Dave Ross


Practicing with pen, brush, and quill.

Inks for 'Ghost' by Randy Green
Inks for 'Ghost' by Terry Dodson

Inks for Ramon Perez

Inks for Dave Ross

Inks for 'Conan' by John Buscema


Sampling of sketchbook work, cartooning, and caricatures.

Onsite gestures/contours.

To make a fool of yourself in the autumn woods just leave your love at home and walk in dying colour knowing the reds and yellows of her absence, letting the wind unpick your mind as it eases the leaves from their branches.  (Sketchbook Assignment, putting pictures to words)
sketches (been watching Damien Rice, Farscape, and The Tribe)

Troll and Imp designs in class

Cartooning and Caricatures