Saturday, May 1, 2010

Character Design 3

Individual turn-arounds.  In this Post-Apocalyptic future, my characters are advanced infantry super soldiers, genetically engineered through recombinant DNA technology.  They also all have personal twinned hover drone "action computers".

Head%Girl:   Spliced with avian and feline DNA.  Enhanced protein structure, muscle flexibility.  Optimized for hand-to-hand combat, Jungle Ops, in addition to unconventional biological warfare.  Prone to seizures.

RE:/books:  Spliced with chameleon and elephant genes.  Battle Processor, primed for Desert/Artic Ops.  Genius intellect housed in enlarged external grey matter exo-skeletal arm, for Heuristics.  A bio-synth, his cybernetics run on alcohol and constantly expel excess 'bio-slurry'.  Is a paraplegic.

Bjöfulsins Gründsdottir (Gill-Boy):  Spliced with piranha and ungulate DNA.  Acclimated for Aquatics Ops.  A munitions and explosives specialist; ideal for amphibious sabotage.  Superfluous volume/mass needed for buoyancy control and resilience under extreme external pressures in atmosphere.  Lacks human vocal chords; requires human/electronic communications interface.

Panda Balls Baby Boomer:  Spliced with starfish and bat DNA.  Optimized for black ops reconnaissance, infiltration, and assassination.  Interrogation/coercion specialist.  Cartilaginous fibres instead of endoskeletal bone; does not fracture on the battle field.  Suffers from Werner syndrome, a form of progeria.

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