Monday, July 12, 2010

Tales of The Unicorn and Other Stories

After a year of comics, I decided to try to get back into more fine arts work.  Teamed up with 6 other comickers and last summer/fall, the pages for this fanzine were the outcome.
Pinups of crazy, drugged out, stereotype, amputee prostitutes.  Enjoy.

"The Hors"


Allegory on seasonal changes and the idea of sacred prostitution.  Again, I tried to use onomatopoeia and rebus, incorporating text from various media, mostly song lyrics and excerpts from interviews.  Worked on frosted mylar, in 3 layers, line, text, colour.  I intended to eventually frame them for an art show sometime in the future.  Ended up rushing to colour them, the day of the deadline, as did all of us...
Here are the roughs:

Check out photos from the launch party for the zine at SleepingGiantGallery

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