Monday, November 22, 2010

"By The Pound" Opening Reception

Hey guys, I've been working at this gallery for almost 2 years now.  This will be my first show there, nearly 4 years since my last group show at the Macintosh Gallery in London, and the Siskind Gallery at Fanshawe College.  Featuring works by 100 artists and nearly 200 pieces of art.  This Friday, if you're in the neighborhood, please come check out the show, 789 Dundas.  Cheap drinks, music, etcetera.

The previous show at the gallery was a solo exhibit by Theo Gallaro, a 12 year old illustrator/writer from the Junction.  Featuring over 50 art pieces, the majority of his show sold out.  Feel free to check out his art.

All pictures/media courtesy of SleepingGiantGallery.

Update:  Dec. 1. 2010.  Big thank you to Jennifer Illet, Vince, Hitoshi, Tiffany, "Corey", and Sanagan's Meat Locker (pricing everyone's art by weighing it on a scale like fresh cuts of meat is an ingenious idea, got a few laughs to).  Also a big thank you to Tim and Kellie, thank you for your support =)

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