Saturday, November 6, 2010

REAL: The Canadian Kids' Magazine Volume 4

Written by Tony Wong


Jane and May can play all day. They can play a game or
make up a parade. They can look at the snail on the pail or
jump in the hay. They can run this way and that way until their
tummies say, “wait”! Then they can bring plates on a tray and sit
in the shade. Jane and May can play all day.


Steve said Jean is mean. Jean wanted the green bean bag.
Jean said “please” to Steve, but Steve said “no.” Jean went to
steal the green bean bag from Steve. Is Jean mean?


Mike likes to ride his bike. Mike’s bike is not high. It is just the
right size for Mike. Mike and his pal Ike can ride and ride.
When Mike and Ike get tired, Mike’s mom will make pie. Mike
and Ike like pie.


Joe drove to the seashore. His whole family rode the waves.
Joe liked to float like a boat on the water. Before he went
home, Joe made a sand tower with a moat. He put stones at
the bottom. When the sun was low, it was time to go.


Sue was born in June. She needed a party. Sue made cards
with glue. She used the vacuum to clean up. She asked Uma
for help. Sue played a tune on the flute and Uma played a tune
on the ukulele. The girls were cute. The kids were not rude. The
kids clapped and clapped. Happy Birthday Sue!


  1. whimsical goodness khanh.

    slug and the pie one are my faves.